Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Leaf It to Me

I admit, that was cheesy. But, I have leaves on the brain right now. Cutting out a whole bunch of them will do that to you. I had to take the Halloween and birthday decorations down today, and I guess I had gotten used to having them up, because the whole room looked so plain.  I'm not ready to do winter or Christmas yet.  I have big plans for that.  But, Thanksgiving is first and so, what to do for that?

For the mantel

I love those letters and am having so much fun finding other times to use them beyond birthdays.  And I really like the understated leaves.  I copied pages from a dear old book of my Mom's onto cardstock for some of them. And I used some muted gold poster board that we had from another project. 

  I hung some from the windows flanking the fireplace too. I'm very happy with them and the gentle reminder they give.