Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Boot Design

It's an incredibly humbling feeling to find out that people are willing to part with their hard earned money for something that you made with your own hands.  I am so touched and grateful for the interest people have expressed in my little handmade items.

A good friend was gracious enough to say she wanted a pair of boots for her beautiful daughter, who incidentally is a mere two weeks younger than Emeline.  I was mid-process of trying a new design, so I offered them to her as an option, and she chose them. I can't wait to see them on her stunning daughter.

Hunter green wool, with tweed faux spats, shell buttons and pink silk ruffle.  Three thick warm layers of fabric and suede soles. 

Em was happy to model them for me.

I hope she likes them!  I know it's almost spring, but she still has another month to wear them here.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Sister's Shoes...

I like to think that my handmade gifts have come a long way. I remember when I was a kid I made dozens of bookmarks for my sister at Christmas and birthday time. She was and is an avid reader, so it was a thoughtful gift at least. And I remember making her a "purse" one time, but since I didn't know how to sew, I used glue. You can guess how that one held up. And then when I was a little older I remember crafting some jewelery for her from some rawhide and permanent marker. Man, she was a good big sister. She always acted like she liked them.

Hopefully, she can stop acting now. Here's a pic of this year's birthday gift, which I was so happy to be able to give her in person, if a little late.

She lives in New York now, but deep down she will always be a Southern girl at heart.  Hunter green wool, creamy white gardenia type flower with a brass bead and olive green leaves. A little piece of pretty in her world full of boys.  Happy birthday, Cheryl!  I love you.