Monday, January 17, 2011

The New Year

We're off to a productive start this year.  Hopefully this bodes well for the rest of the year.

My first project for the year was a paying gig.  Woo-hoo!  And I owe it all to Facebook, and my sister and her high school friend Heather.  Oh, and my husband who is always, encouraging me to sell my stuff! You see, Heather saw my sister's picture on her Facebook page where Sean was modeling one of the bibs I made for him. (And looking so dapper and adorable, so I probably owe it all to him too.) Heather commented that she needed one of those for a gift, which prompted a call from my sister bullying me...sorry, strenuously encouraging me to sell my stuff. And that led to an amen chorus from my hubby. So I e-mailed Heather and she graciously took me up on my offer to make her a pair.  I love the way they turned out.  Hopefully, she will too.

Apparently, I forgot to take a picture of the final project, but you get the idea.  

 Then some neighbors had a teeny, tiny little six pond girl and they had the opposite problem that I always had with my wee babes. Instead of all the newborn hats being too small and popping off her noggin, all of their hats were too big.  I offered to make one using her measurements.  But, can you believe it?  It was still too big for her sweet little head. We can be sure she'll grow into it, though.
A winter white flower for a winter Lilly.
I so loved this color combination that I decided I needed to replicate it for my slipper boots, which finally got made!  No more being jealous of everyone else' stylishly warm feet. I love them and feel badly that I may have saved the best for me. 
It isn't easy taking a picture of your own feet...

So pretty, who wants some?

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