Saturday, March 12, 2011

Back At It

Good grief what a week it was around here. That bug you've heard about making its rounds? I can testify from every angle it IS as bad as they say it is. I will be polite and spare you any details. I will simply say I am glad we seem to all be on the mend, and am so thankful that Em and Jo never got the really bad stuff.

But, while I was laying there recouping and wishing for the sweet oblivion to reclaim me, all I could think of was this little business I am starting. I had no idea of it starting up like this. I have had fits and bursts of inspiration before, but this feels so very different. Almost like I have given birth to three children in the last two and a half years instead of two. So I was almost as physically pained to be separated from it as I was to be separated from Em for almost 24 hours.

And it's been a big week for my little company. I have a custom order for which I had to develop a pattern on my own as I could find nothing online to match it. I had my first repeat customer place an order. I handed out my first business card. And I had my first e-mail from a prospective customer, (someone I have never met, eek) in my goodlittlethings inbox. I am a little overwhelmed. In a good way.

I will have photos of the custom order to show you in a couple of days. In the meantime, here's a hint, can you guess what it might entail?

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