Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sweet Sophistication

I have had a few requests for pink and purple shoes as I am sure you can imagine. Every time I get one, this is the design that pops into my head. I have yet t make them, until now. One of my dearest friends (I mean, seriously she is one of the most wonderful women that the Lord has blessed me with knowing and it literally kills me that we can't live in the same town and share some tea while our broods run around together) has a beautiful daughter, named Charis, who is having a birthday next month. Debbie's gift to her is a pair of shoes designed especially for her, and I am so honored to be able to create something beautiful for this daughter who shares the same lovely spirit her mother has.


I love the fabric these shoes are made from. It's a silk linen, it is SO soft. I used it years ago in my senior collection in college. For these shoes I willingly cut into the jacket I had made all of those years ago. You have to agree, it was the right choice.


The flower is made from a beautiful ribbon, pink with a cream stripe, that reminds me of a carnival, and all that is bright and lovely and innocent about childhood.


I think the two together create a shoe that is sophisticated without being overly serious or mature.


And for good measure there is a little matching flower for her hair.


I hope that she loves them, and I wish, how I wish, she knew better the woman who made them with love for her. Happy Birthday, Charis!


Catcophony said...

Too cute!

TG Bears said...

Very beautiful Susan. Tell us what the little girl said when she gets them.

victoria said...

So sweet and beautful

victoria Silva

Kate said...

Wonderful post - the shoes are so beautiful!

Lisa said...

Aww those are so sweet!