Monday, November 7, 2011

Post Halloween Decor

I'm in denial that Christmas is coming. I can't even go there. So, when the Halloween/birthday decorations have to come down, I've put up more fall/Thanksgiving items to replace them. For now anyway.

I have in the past tried to make wreaths, and they just never have turned out so good. It's probably because I am a "use what you have" kind of gal. I just can't bring myself to go buy wreath making items. There are multiple reasons for this, and most of them are too neurotic to get into right now. Suffice it to say, I am trying to come to terms with my identity as a crafter in general.

At any rate, I made a fall leaf wreath and I actually thought it turned out well enough to hang in on the front door. So, that's a good sign. Unless I am just in denial. What do you think?


The base of the wreath is just cardboad. And then I ripped out quite a few pages from a Real Simple mag, all in the same color family and went to town cutting out leaves. I used three different leaf styles, folded the paper so that I could cut 6 out at a time. Then doubled up the pages later on so that I was cutting twelve at a time. Much faster.


I glued them in layers and viola, a simple little fall wreath.

I also printed out a Give Thanks sign using the free printable alphabet cards from The Handmade Home, found here.  They are so fabulous. And did I mention they're free?



In each window that flanks the fireplace, I hung these leaves I made last year out of gold poster board and pages I had copied from a vintage book. ( I just can't bring myself to cut up old books. So I copy the pages and I get the same color and effect without the heartbreak.)


And over the couch, I printed out this free printable from Craftily Ever After as well as a turkey I found that my oldest made in Kindergarten a couple of years ago. How could I resist him?


I can't wait for Thanksgiving. I get to see all of my family, on both sides. And though that may sound horrible to some, all of my family, on both sides are awesome and everyone gets along. I just wish we weren't all spread out across the country.

Do you have fun plans or Thanksgiving traditions?


Marilyn said...

This is so awesome and festive for the season..So lovely..I found ya via Vintage Gwen today and had to stop in and say hello..Officially following ya..Super creative blog you have here..:)) I'm Marilyn, hope u can stop in sometime and link this via my thanksgiving linky party here TY :))

A Lived in Home said...

So festive and kid friendly! Love the gather sign and kids artwork next to it!

Maggie said...

this is really kewl as a child activity,Would luv for my readers to see this awesome idea, will you please join our weekly party at
have a great crafting weekend!

Trish and Bonnie @ Uncommon said...

What a cool wreath and free, WOW! I love the leaves that you have hanging in the window, too! We are hosting a Home for the Holidays link party and would love for you to join us. Our readers would love this wreath!

Marie said...

Such a cute wreath! Thanks again for linking up!