Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Fabric Addiction

It's incredibly dangerous for me to go in search of a fabric for someone's order. I try to use mainly thrifted, re-purposed fabrics. (My sister is forever seeing some of her favorite old clothes made up new into shoes...) So my first stop is always thrift shops. This weekend I went searching for gray fabric for a pair of boots I have an order for.

There are two reasons why it is dangerous for me to shop this way. Firstly, I inevitably run across fabrics I would love to make into shoes. Secondly, they are usually only fifty cents to four dollars tops, and thirdly I know that if I don't buy it then, it will probably be gone if I go looking for it in the future. So I generally end up leaving the store with a giant bag full of items.

That's what happened this weekend.


It's all awfully pretty though, right? Almost all in the same muted tones.


Grays and yellows in a sweet floral pattern...


Love this pink and cream stripe...


Fabulous creamy cotton perfect for lining shoes, and crochet trim as a bonus!


This one I see summer clothing for Em.


This is the fabric for the boots, slightly grayish purple will look fabulous with a little cream colored lace and black velvet...


This one wasn't a thrift item, but it was hugely discounted Waverly fabric and I love the pattern.

I also bought a vintage white tablecloth, so soft and romantic.

Yards and yards of fabric for under $20. Not bad right? And there were so many items I resisted buying, so we are making progress...

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Duni said...

You made a good deal with those gorgeous fabrics! Although I have a little fabric shoppe I still look for remnants and vintage fabrics everywhere ;-)