Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Little Makeover

As a general rule, I am not a huge fan of plastic surgery. But, this little lady needed some help. Not only was she missing a leg, poor gal, her hair was falling out and her makeup left so much to be desired. (Seriously, those eyes scared me.)


I have been wanting to make my daughter a doll almost since the moment she was born. I am sure I could do it. But, then, between raising the kids, the little business I am trying to run and trying to keep her in shoes. I just haven't been able to tackle it. When I brought out my old doll collection, she was in there. I honestly don't remember where or when I got her, or whether someone I know made her for me. Still, I couldn't just toss her out.

Looking at her, I realized I could pretty easily make her over. So I carefully removed her other leg, her button eyes and her hair.


I cut out new features for her from felt and glued them on with fabric glue, including the front of her hair. I glued them to the back of her head leaving the pen features to be covered by the back of her hair.


Then I whip stitched the back of her hair to the front hair and to the doll's head. I stitched her legs on and refashioned her clothing. She could use a new wardrobe. But that will have to wait.


My girl seems to approve.


That picture makes a mother's heart just melt. So what do you think? Think she looks better?

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Bonnie and Trish @ Uncommon said...

She looks so cute! Your little ones are adorable, too! I have to say that the before pictures of the doll totally reminded me of Tammy Faye Baker! Do you remember her?