Monday, November 19, 2012

A New Bridal Design

You know those Project Runway Episodes where the designers have to work in teams? Every one groans and they fight the whole time? Well, making these shoes reminded me of that, only there was NO fighting, I promise.


Lauren, who commissioned these shoes is a graphic designer, so an artsy type in her own right. And she was ordering these shoes as a gift for another artist friend of hers. So, here you have three different artistic tastes to consider when making these shoes. They are for her friend's wedding day. Seriously, I was excited to finally get to them. And they were a pleasure and a joy to make, even with the artistic tug-o-war.


It got to a point where Lauren had a nightmare where I refused to show her the final design, and she ended up not liking them, and I got mad at her that she didn't like them. I assured her that would never happen!


We went through bows, flowers, button choices, one flower or two. We agreed that what we ended up choosing made no sense at all at face value. But, clearly, it works. And the bride has the shoes and loves them. And another mutual friend said they were "SO her." That's a success!

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