Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Sweetness of Purple

This has truly been quite a few weeks for Good Little Things. So many new opportunities and experiences have come my way, that I am truly overwhelmed by it all. In a good way, of course.

Along with it all I have gained some new customers. Yay! My first new customer is Laura. I introduce you to her because she too has a beautiful shop on Etsy that you need to check out here. She too, is a member of the wonderful Artisan Group, so you can be assured that her work is top rate. I mean, just have a peek at what she offers.


Only a couple of days after I joined the Artisan Group, Laura commissioned me to make a pair of shoes for her niece's 3rd birthday. The party just happens to be on my birthday. How could I resist that? The little lovie's favorite color is purple, so we ran with it.


I have fallen for them. They're so girly, but not overly sweet.


They're playful and fresh and modern.


I hope that she loves them, and as always that they make her feel so very special when she wears them, knowing they were designed and made just for her!



Simply Paperie said...

They are beautiful, I absolutely love them! Thank you so much for all of your hard work! They are going to make one little birthday girl very happy :)

b499c78e-a281-11e0-a6d5-000bcdcb5194 said...

they are adorable! she's a lucky little girl!

the cape on the corner said...

oh my gosh, i love that fabric and that little peep toe! so cute!

madison avenue said...

those are sooo adorable!! i LOVE the peep toes! i wish i could make shoes! you are so talented!!!!

victoria said...

Oh my these sweet looking shoes...and your blog!!!

Hugs in purple

victoria said...

oh my these sweet shoes and your blog!

hugs in purple

TG Bears said...

Such lovely little OOAK shoes! Lucky little lady.