Friday, February 3, 2012

Let Me Introduce You To...The 7th Crow Jewelry

What I didn't make myself to give for Christmas this past year, I tried my hardest to buy handmade. When shopping for my much younger and much hipper sister-in-law I went in search of earrings. Something silver, something different. I started with my fellow TAG artists, and landed on The 7th Crow Jewelry. I found the perfect earrings there, and Jamie, the fabulous designer/owner was an absolute dream to buy from. Even better, my sister-in-law loved her gift, has worn them and gotten compliments on them.

Not long ago, I entered a giveaway that Jamie was hosting, and bless my lucky stars, I won! Jamie offered to send me earrings, but alas, I don't have pierced ears. So she offered to send me a necklace and asked me about color preferences. I just got it in the mail today and I HAD to share it with you. It is SO gorgeous.


Firstly, don't you love the packaging? Want to see what's inside?


Didn't I tell you?!? So pretty! It's one of my favorite color combinations. It's so unique, it was made (as Jamie tells me) just for me and even though we have never met, she got me spot on! According to Jamie, it's made with magnesite briolette (the turquoise colored stone) with rosary wrapped coral nuggets on a sterling silver filled chain. The lariat hoop is sterling as is all of the wire used for wrapping. 


Up close. It's honestly my favorite piece of jewelry now. I just can't say enough. If you want to fall in love with her designs check out her shop here.



Joy Light said...

Gorgeous jewelry, nicely done! Isn't it fun to get a new piece of jewelry!


judit blumenfrucht said...

Its very cool and so nice the way you blogged about a fellow artist.. by the way I make loads of earrings for unpierced ears but although I have a website on and an etsy and facebook shops as juditb jewelry please feel free to contact me direct if you like something different as I may already have made something similar...

Alexis Gopal said...

Wonderful post about a very talented artist!!