Thursday, February 2, 2012

Today Is Brought to You By the Letter B

It was so much easier to be an engaged Mommy with my oldest. For one thing, it was just the two of us for five years. For another thing, he slept in till 9 most mornings, then we would lounge about in bed for a bit, playing games, and being silly. And for another thing, I was five years younger when he was 3.

Now my middle child is three. And I am older. I have three children, one in school, the other a mere 19 months younger than my middle one. Plus, I have a business, where I stay up into the wee hours sewing to get orders done. I'm pretty tired. And my attention is all over the place.

But, today, I engaged. And really you can only take it day by day.

Today we focused on the letter B. We put up a flash card. We ate Bagels and Bananas for breakfast. We ate Bunny Biscuits and Berries for lunch. (Most b word foods are bread type items, it was kind of hard to balance the meals better than that.)

Yep, his shirt is on inside out. He's dressing himself. There are bigger battles to fight.

We hunted for b word objects around the house and put them into a Basket. Here we have: a baby, a boat, a bowl, a ball, a book, Buzz Lightyear, bologna, a bag, a bear and a boot.


We colored (sort of) Van Gogh's bedroom and named the B objects in it.


We made a letter B bee.


We're on our way to some serious letter recognition. It's really a fun experience for both of us, since my first literally taught himself to read at the age of two. I never had to put forth any effort in this area before. It's fun to do so and see it bear fruit.

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