Friday, April 29, 2011

Dress Up Shoes

Phyllis works with my mom. She's an incredibly kind woman and she has a little girl in her life who calls her Aunt Phee. This lucky little girl has a very pink and purple tutu and matching ensemble given to her by her grandmother. Aunt Phee thought a pair of shoes would complete the outfit perfectly and commissioned me. Talk about fun! Let's get very girly, shall we?

I wasn't sure what I was going to do at all. I picked up two different kinds and shades of purple and couldn't decide so I got both. But, the pink, I wasn't sure what direction to take. Hot pink, sweet pink? Print, solid? And then I saw this fabric, for a buck, and it was so perfect I absolutely bought it and brought it home.

With the delicate silver and pink fabric it reminds me of tulle. It's a little sparkle and very confectionery. It truly couldn't have been more perfect. Makes me almost want to be little again.

And as for the flowers, I ended up using both purples and I like the effect. Neither one of them was up for the job alone, but together they were just right. My mom says she likes that they aren't so wild that she can't wear them for things other than dress up. I hope she's right. I know they don't go with everything, but I am sure she has another purple or pink item in her wardrobe.

Happy birthday, Miss A! Love Aunt Phee.

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Rachel said...

Oh my goodness, those are too cute! I love them!

Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

Rita said...

They are adorable!!! Love them!!! :)