Thursday, April 7, 2011

Vintage Inspiration

I am out east visiting my parents. I love it out here. There is so much history hidden in these hills, national, familial, and my own personal history. For a girl who grew up in a military family, this is the most like coming home to me. My grandparents lived here and now my parents. I love making memories here with my children.

This week has been chock full of vintage inspiration. When we got here, my parents gave me the navy blue wool Woolworth coat they bought for Emmy in Amish country. It's so utterly charming. It's a 3T, and I am hoping against hope that it truly will fit her next winter.

I love the red trim.
While here I must always, always go antiquing. I have my favorite spots and they rarely disappoint. Yesterday, we went to my favorite antique mall in downtown Frederick, MD. While there we saw these beautiful antique shoes.

Antique elegance

Aren't they gorgeous little things? I can just imagine the dances they attended. And while we were there, we found this beautiful little darling priced at an incredible $10, so of course we had to bring her home with us, she was just Em's size and so darling.

How could we refuse this face?

She loves it and it really is the perfect size for her. I love the colors on it. The soft blue, the incredibly pale pink, the vintage cream, the black and red. I just adore her.

And while there, I also found these incredible shoe forms. I couldn't resist. Not only were there wonderful adult forms, there was also this sweet baby shoe form. I scooped them up. I'm sure they'll make an appearance in a photo or two.

We're going to another huge antique mall in Emmitsburg tomorrow (that is if it isn't closed like two other places we have tried to go to this trip) and I went through my mom's hope chest and have a stack of clothing from my babyhood to take home with me. So I'll have another post like this coming up, I am sure. In the meantime, enjoy your family and the small pleasures in life!


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