Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Meaningful Easter

Though the weather outside is frightful and more reminiscent of Christmas, Easter is quickly approaching. Easter is my favorite holiday. I love spring. There was always a new dress and sometimes shoes for wearing to church. I have fond memories of egg decorating, hunting said eggs with my brother and sister, and eating said eggs with hot cross buns and holiday punch. Then we would get all dolled up and head to church. And the day would be finished with a big ham dinner that would make any Southerner proud. I always relate Easter to the south, and the years we spent in Alabama.

As I grew older, the meaning of Easter made it all the more dear to me. Easter is the culmination of the gift given at Christmas. It's the ultimate definition of the victory of life over death, love over sin. It's humbling to be reminded of the price of my sin and to also be reminded how much God loves us all.

When we had our first baby, I began to ponder, what can we do when celebrating Easter to ensure that our kids understand it's about more than candy and eggs and bunnies. So when he was old enough, we decorated eggs making sure that one egg was died a deep red, representing the precious blood that was spilled for us. I like the additional symbolism of searching for the blood of Christ, and I pray that each of them will find it in their lives. 
First year dying eggs
 We also continue the tradition of hot cross buns in the morning. Only I make my own, ensuring they are fresh and yummy. The cross on top reminds us that Christ's death on the cross, while gruesome and heartbreaking in nature, makes our lives sweeter because it was a gift given in love.
Easter Breakfast
 Before dinner we have communion taking a moment to pray and to meditate on what the day really means to us. And for dinner we always have lamb. It's the only time in the year that we have it. And it has taken me a few years to come up with a recipe that we can all enjoy and that will not break the bank. The symbolism is important to me, we talk about passover and how Christ became our sacrificial lamb by choice.

(In case you are interested, we have landed on maple glazed lamb meatballs with zesty horseradish sauce. Economically friendly and delicious.)

Do you have any special traditions for this time of year?

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