Monday, April 11, 2011

More Vintage, Oh How I Love Old Things

Okay, next and soon, I promise I will be posting a project that I got done before we left for Maryland. But, I have to show a few more of the vintage loveliness that has graced my life this past week.

Firstly, oh my heavens. This steal of a deal quilt. It. Is. So. Gorgeous. It is in remarkable condition, no huge stains or tears. It is hand stitched. It was $48! For those of you who know quilts, you know that is a crazy low price for a handstitched, well cared for, lovely to look at quilt. Wanna see?

Monkey Boy can't resist it either, or a chance to ham it up.

I just love, love, love the prints.
Now on to things more sentimental and not purchased. My mom and I went through the hope chest to make certain I had possession of the dresses from my childhood that Emmy would fit into within a year or so. What a walk down memory lane that was. I brought back a whole bag of items, but I won't bore you with them all, just a sampling.

Love the romantic lightness of the fabric.
Very Shirley Temple...
Clean lines and simple design, have to love that.
My fur muff, it's so tiny and warm and I loved it as a girl.
Not to be outdone, though, I bought a vintage dress of my own at this incredible store in Frederick called Venus on the Half Shell. It's been years since I had been there and I thought they'd gone out of business, but recently they moved to a better location and I am so glad I got to check it out again, because there I found this loveliness:

Full length, red cotton. Pure beauty.
It's the only thing I tried on that was a perfect fit. I loved it for that alone. But, also the color. And the cotton. And the print. And the back. You have to see this.

See that pleating? That is a wateau back a la Marie Antionette. I have loved wateau backs since my days studying the history of costume in college. There was no way that I could walk out the door without this dress. I can't wait to wear it!

Okay, two more items related to my grandma and then I promise, I'm done. We won't mention the pewter peices I added to my collection, or the vintage cookie cutters.

So, I thought it was a little ridiculous to travel to Maryland with my sewing machine. But, I just needed to work on some things while I was there. So, my hubby graciously packed it into the already full van. How much more ridiculous is it then, that we came home with not one but two sewing machines? I can explain.

My "new" machine.
My parents were going to get rid of my grandma's machine. My dad's mom was a creative woman. It's one of the... well it may have been the only thing that we had in common. So when I saw this box with her machine and all sorts of her sewing paraphenalia, I just knew I had to bring it home. Plus, I reasoned further, I could get a sewing cabinet cheap and keep one machine hidden away upstairs out of the reach of the children and I could have one machine downstairs in my sewing area. Options are always a good thing.

And then, I rescued this from the literal trash. My mom was finally going to get rid of it after all of these years. It was originally a purse, made by the same grandma. It has her handwriting on the buildings. What's more, the buildings are from Savannah, the place of my birth. Yeah, not trash. Absolutely not. It's now a handy box for sewing supplies.

Have any treasures like these graced your life lately?

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