Saturday, August 20, 2011

Before and After

Because my husband is going to school Thursday nights, I have the whole day to myself and never anything to do. Well, okay there is the whole taking care of the three children thing, but still.

This Thursday, I decided it was high time that our house begin to look like we actually cared about it. You see, with having had two babies in less than two years, we sort of let things go. My gracious neighbor told us she was going to give us a whole extra year before she began talking about us. Have I mentioned that we love our neighbors? But, this Thursday, I decided enough was enough. So off to Lowes I went, three kids in tow, to buy some paint for a little sprucing up.

Now before I show you the befores you have to promise not to laugh. Or feel superior. Seriously, we have been very busy and you know how it is. Really, you must. Okay. Here goes.


There it is. The "meh" before of our front porch/door area. Sad, I know. The faded railing, the falling apart door mat, white and dingy door, the rust stains, the oh so sorry landscape. I know, I know. Bad. Brace yourself, I am going in for a close up.



Okay, okay, enough. You get the idea. Here is the much improved "after".


Feeling a little better about myself now. That big kid on the front steps had a ton of fun helping me pick out the perfect shade of red for the door. I found it just as I was about to give in and go with the easy choice, a shade called "front door red." But then, I picked up this last card, "heirloom red", and loved it in an instant. The name helped. I love heirlooms. They give a sense of history and belonging. Not a bad thing to have covering the main portal to your home.


The star on the door was originally a sort of rusty color, so two squirts of silver spray paint helped out there. And the two holes that were under our address numbers I covered with my Distelfink.


The railing got a fresh coat of black paint. And since I knew I only needed a small amount I only bought a sample and it was just enough for the railing and the doorstep. It was so hot while I was painting this, that the paint dried as soon and I put it on, and it dried in my tray almost as quickly. Luckily, Isaac kept me company.


The bright mat was on clearance, a mere $6 and the plants were by the side door, but something had to be done about the rust stain. This spot still isn't perfect, but it IS much improved.


And finally, the landscaping got some attention too. I weeded, and planted my Mother's Day peony. And the solar garden lamp, I found in the basement. My husband won it at work while I was away and neglected to tell me. It was awesome to find it. I wouldn't have purchased it, but I think it adds a great touch.


So all total, this little makeover cost me about $30. And I can feel a little prouder pulling into the driveway. Plus, I am going to love having a red door over the long, dull, gray winter. Yay! It only took me a few years to get around to it.


mja2j said...

AWESOME makeover! Even the 'little' things can make a big difference.

drawntoletters said...

Good for you!Enjoy. I finally painted my two porches+doors this summer and it feels so good. And by the way, they make awesome cement paint if you choose to go that route eventually.

Susan Woods said...

Ooh, Drawn to Letters, I didn't know that. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Great transformation! I love red doors!

Kathryn Ferguson Griffin said...

Looks wonderful! I know you must feel good getting it done with little ones running around. Found you at Simple Home Life. Pop on over for a visit when you get a moment. Tootles, Kathryn

Ladybird Ln said...

Did you change blog names on me? I like it! I featured this today! I just love the little things you have done to transform your space!


Stephanie said...

Hello! Just saw that you were featured over at Ladybird Ln. Very cool! Good job on the porch re-do. Isn't it insane how we let things go around the house once we have kids? I'm plotting a new entryway myself.