Monday, August 1, 2011


See that beautiful face? She's partly the reason I make shoes in the first place. She's my muse, my inspiration, my incredible daughter. She's my baby, probably my last one and I adore her eyes and her smile and her hair that curls when it gets damp. She amazes me daily and I love her.

 She's also the reason why I am behind on making shoes right now. On top of her having a raging 105 fever earlier this week, she has decided she doesn't need to sleep, ever. Seriously, it's 11:00 p.m. here. She's awake. She didn't nap today and she was awake all last night too. And the night before that.

She goes back and forth between grinning at me and clapping her hands, and throwing herself prostrate across the bed crying. She has to be exhausted. I know I am. I need for her to sleep, so that I can get some myself and then I can get to work without fear of messing up so badly that I have to remake another pair of shoes. Yeah, that happened.

Here's hoping we have a peaceful, sleep filled night...

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