Friday, August 12, 2011

A "New" Little Place For My Stuff

I am so excited. Ever since I started sewing in earnest, I have been craving a place to store my sewing stuff. I mean, sure when we moved in one of the reasons we bought this place was the work space in the basement that was clearly a crafting area with a long built in table. It was dubbed my space, and it was serviceable to say the least.

However, over the course of having two babies, it has gotten a little, um cluttered. On top of that, it get cold especially in the winter (Michigan) which is most of the year here. And then, I do most of my sewing when the kids are in bed and since they're upstairs, I don't like being in the basement two floors from them, especially the nights when my hubby is at school or worship practice. And then when the hubby is home, doing homework, I enjoy at least working near him. So, I have actually ended up doing a lot of my sewing on the main floor of our house and that means, a lot of my stuff, including my machine, has needed temporary residence here. Not overly conducive with two very little ones.

I knew I wanted to find a cabinet, or armoire to house the machine, thread, scissors, needles, patterns, notions, fabrics that I use frequently. I have scoured Craigslist and not found what I was wanting. At least not for a price I was willing to pay. And then, this week, I found this little beauty.


Look at the detailing. Lovely, simple carving on the top drawers and the doors.


And then, slightly more ornate carving on the bottom and the legs.


Isn't it just so perfect? It is in such good condition, so sturdy. But, wait, it gets better. Look inside.


So in love. Look at those drawers. I have always loved drawers in chests. I don't know why. They all move beautifully. I can't wait to figure out what goes where. I didn't even notice the shelf above the drawers when I bought it, but I was so thrilled when I realized it was there because it was the perfect size for my jars of thread, buttons and bobbins.

And the most incredible thing was the price. It was unbelievably priced at $135. For such a beautiful, solid, incredible piece?!? And I was cheeky enough to ask for a better price.  And I got one! I can't divulge what I actually paid for it, that would be gouache. But, it is enough to know that it is home now, and it will be well cared for. As soon as I can convince Monkey Boy that it isn't for hiding in. Did I mention it's very sturdy?

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