Friday, October 15, 2010

Daring to Design for Shabby Apple Dresses, again

Well, now.  After agonizing over just one design for this contest for Shabby Apple Dresses, I find out today, deadline day, that more than one entry is permissible. So I do hope you will indulge me, but I would like to submit two more designs that I love.  (I mean, seriously, it was like choosing between my three children.) 

Okay, now the runner up from my first post was this one:

 I have always loved this design in strapless.  I first designed it when I was in college and we had to do a collection inspired by Dior's New Look.  It was a modern take, and I loved its simple clean lines. But, making it pale gray and the addition of the gauzy white sleeves makes it practical enough that perhaps I will finally make it for myself to actually wear.  Both fabrics would be cotton (so easy to launder), breezy sheer cotton for the sleeves and something with more body for the body of the dress.  And then a delicate raspberry colored ribbon at the waist.  The deep box pleats give the skirt fullness without a pesky crinoline underneath. 

And here we have dress design number one beside dress design number three.  Since we've already discussed dress number one, let's talk about number three.

Poor number three, nobody voted for her, but I still love her.  All white cotton, with the exception of raspberry stripes at the waist.  Sweet little eyelet trim on the puff sleeves and at the top of the collar.  Off centered button closures again and a feminine bow.  She makes me think of stylized old movies with lots of singing and dancing and the like.  She's sweet and ladylike and just a little bit out of the ordinary.

Okay, that's all I promise.  I'll keep you posted...

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