Thursday, October 21, 2010

Little Orphan Boot

Aren't I pretty?

With the colder weather I have been anxious to make Emeline a pair of boots.  Something warmer.  Something neutral.  Something modern romantic.  I found the perfect pattern to start with at Sewingwithme1 on Etsy.  I actually got to start making them yesterday.  Knowing that the 0-3 month Mary Janes I made her are becoming too small, I went up not one but two pattern sizes.  I lovingly created one perfect boot and tried it on her.  Heartbreak!  Too small.  Her feet are so long, and the wool I used to line them is pretty thick, so maybe that is what went wrong.

Still, it's such a lovely little thing I would hate to see it languish in my work room, never to see the light of day.  So I am looking for someone to adopt it and it's yet to be made twin.  If you know anyone who has a tiny little thing needing a stylish pair of boots for a mere $15, do let me know. 

Wool lining, leather sole, velcro closure

sweet sophistication

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