Monday, October 18, 2010

A little Fall Decorating,

In spite of the fact that my mother always decorated for every holiday in some way shape or form, I have never really done the decorating for Halloween bit.  I'm not really into grisly, ghastly or gruesome.  But, ever since I had an October baby two years ago, I find myself getting much more festive this time of year. Waiting for him to be born those few weeks that October with my Mom and my sister and her boys all here together is one of my most special memories.  And, of course, both ladies were aghast that I had no Halloween decorations.  I think we had even gone a year or two without a pumpkin.  No way were they going to let us get away with that again.  It was such a wonderful time, the cousins trick or treating together, the baby I had prayed for finally in my arms while I doled out candy to neighborhood children, my son wearing the awesome Wall-E costume that we had made together before little brother's arrival.  It was just so special. 

My little pumpkin...

I think my Mom and Sis would be proud.  We've already bought not one, but four pumpkins this year.  And the slightly spooky handmade decorations are slowly but surely going up.  Now, you will never find skeletons half buried in my yard, or witches face first in any of my trees.  But, you will see a tasteful nod or two to All Hallows Eve adorning my front room.  And very soon, the Happy Birthday sign will be going up.

A nod to Mr Poe, a must.

Going batty

I love those letters up top, one of my favorite Country Living Fair purchases, and I love Isaac's pumpkin on the bottom. 

Two pilots, my grandpa and my dad fit right in with the winged creatures.

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