Monday, May 9, 2011

For My Girl

I have been running full speed and then some at my budding business. Very late nights and a little bit of stress left me prey to something that knocked me off my feet Friday. For that reason I determined it would be a good idea to take the weekend off of work. To give myself a break of sorts.

I say of sorts, because I still ended up sewing nearly all weekend. But, since it was fun sewing, sewing without a deadline or someone other than myself to please, it was still a break. There were so many things I've been wanting to make for Em it was nice to take the weekend to get to some of them without trying to squeeze them in between other projects.

Kelly from Sewing In No Man's Land makes so many adorable things for her 18 month old, that my list of to make items grows just because of her. This week she was on one of my other favorite blogs sharing a free pattern. Kelly makes all of her patterns available for free. This one was too adorable. I just couldn't put it off. See her versions, find the pattern and her tutorial here. I didn't attempt to make the top yet. I just had to make her some pants though.

I love her in white.

But, then I love her in any color...

'cause I just plain love her.

I had to do some futzing around with the pattern and I felt they needed some added trim. But, I love the finished product. And she has plenty of room to move and room to grow. She wore them Sunday and got compliments, so I call it a success.

I also have been wanting to make Kelly's Button Up Bloomers. I have this beautiful cotton print I have been dying to do something with, so the two came together this weekend. (Please do not look too closely at my buttons. It's been something like a decade since I have been called upon to make one. Thank you.)

Look at those tiny legs!

And other than the shirt turned skirt that I showed you on Friday, there was only one other project. Betcha can't guess what. Shoes? Of course!

Sweet peeps

I ventured into making her a pair of peep toes. They are more labor intensive with the soling material, but the outcome's worth it I think. Here's the thing though. I need your help deciding how to embellish them. I know I want to use my fat black and white striped ribbon from McMaster and Storm, but how to best utilize it? I have some options:

Pretty little bow?

Or sweet side flower?

The side by side.

Help me please. I can't make up my mind, but she really needs these to round out her shoe wardrobe, don't you think?

So to recap, over my weekend "off" I made my daughter a skirt, pants, shorts and a pair of shoes. Do I know how to relax or what?


dizzytina said...

Wow what amazing makes well done Tina x x

Donna H. said...

Those shoes are adorable. I can't decide between the bow or the I say make another pair of shoes and have a pair of each! :)


liZ evans said...

I saw the same tutorial for those pants and want to try them for my little girl. They look so cute and comfortable.

As for the shoes...that's tough, both are so cute but...I'd probably go with the flower.

Salvage Savvy Gal said...

Beautiful little shoes! So cute!

Kelly said...

Shut up those shoes are ADORABLE! If you ever want to do a guest post with a tut let me know. I would die to make Evie a pair. My lil sis' wedding is coming up and it would be fabulous to make her a pair! Evie has that exact white ruffle shirt from Target, LOVE IT! Great job!