Monday, May 23, 2011

Princess Shoes

When I was a girl, I loved dresses that made me feel like I belonged in a fairy tale. Sometimes I would even layer skirt upon dress upon skirt just to get the fullness I was looking for. I'd even enlist the aid of blankets wrapped around my waist to create a train. I know I'm not alone in this.

My first custom order from Etsy came from a mom who wanted to give her daughter the dream dress for such a little girl. It's Silk dupioni, it's layers of ruffles, it's romantic and just pure fantasy. It from The Handmaiden's Cottage.

Source: The Handmaiden's Cottage

See what I mean? I was in charge of making shoes that would live up to such a degree of girlish imagination and beauty. Tall order. But, I think I came close. I just happened to have a little bit of cream colored silk dupioni. Obviously, it was meant to be.


And obviously, it needed a little pink.


Hopefully when she slips these little slippers on, she'll feel like a princess.


And with these shoes came yet another improvement. I have added firmness to my insoles so that they protect better and yet are still very comfortable and soft enough for early walkers. I'm pretty excited about this new development. And the best part is that, this improvement is so inexpensive it won't affect the price at all. Yay!

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Laura@Corner House said...

These are so sweet and so simple. I love that combo. Perfect! My daughter would die over these.