Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wild Little Things

Stephanie is my husband's ex-boss, but she feels more like a family friend. When she asked for a pair of shoes she described herself as plain. Of all the adjectives there are in the world, that's the last one I would pick to describe her. She asked for black or gray, with a lime green accent, but other than that gave me free reign.

Plain Janes?

I think not.

These shoes have a bold and assertive personality, with a sweet and friendly little bow. Very Steph, and anything but plain.


Sweet Floweret said...

I saw your zebra print shoes through the linky party at tip junky.
They are too cute. I also have 2 boys and a girl. Isn't it fun?
Great job on the shoes!

Amber Branconier said...

oh my golly these shoes are amazing!! i love the green bow!

Abby said...

So pretty and fun! Love the color combination!

Alexis @ persia lou said...

Very cute! I like the bows off to the side.