Friday, May 20, 2011

A Word About Pricing...

Yes, the dreaded P-word. I can't tell you how much stress that little word has caused me in recent months. I'm way more comfortable giving things away than I am telling you what something is worth. Especially, when it comes to something that I made. The pressure. I mean, it just boggled my mind in the first place that people would be willing to pay for something I made. Then there's the question of what would other people consider it worth? What's too much? What's not enough? Seriously, it's a lot of pressure.

That said I have tried my hardest to price my shoes reasonably. I use re-purposed and thrifted materials whenever I can, making a silk shoe the same cost as a cotton one. Since I started making them, however, some things have changed, for the better of course. I have learned a ton thanks to my wonderful customers granting me the ability to make so many shoes. And I have added layers to my shoes to make them even better. With that, though, comes a longer time to make them (it usually takes me three nights' worth of work to finish one order) and added cost. That in addition to prices going up for the other items I use means I am going to have to raise my prices just a little bit. Baby and children's shoes will be $30 and women's sizes will be $40. Baby boots will be $35-$40.  All shipping will be $5 unless shipped with another item.  I do reserve the right to price particular designs differently depending upon the material used.

All current orders will remain at the same price. This increase only applies to future orders. I hope that you all will continue to think that these Little Things are worth it. And thank you so much for your support and encouragement in this endeavor. I honestly couldn't do this without you all!


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