Tuesday, December 13, 2011

For My Grandmother

I think I have mentioned before that I love my grandma. She's one of the reasons why I love all things vintage and one of my best examples of a life of faith. My memories of the long vacations we would spend at my grandparent's home shaped so much of who I am.

She's over 90, and I feel so blessed to still have her with us, to be able to see her when I visit my folks and to share my kids with her. So this Christmas I wanted to make her something special.


She loves birds, and robins and cardinals always make me think of her. For the last few years I have bought her little bird figurines. This year I went a different route, and made her some slippers that were inspired by a robin.


They're a little different design from any of my others. Brown tweed with tiny flecks of color in it, and red binding on top with a simple little bow. My grandma isn't flashy. These just seem so her. I hope that they fit, and are cozy and comforting for her, and that when she sees them she will know how much I love her.



Valerie@Occasionally Crafty said...

Those are so cute- and stylin'! I would wear them.....

Thanks for sharing!

KasiaJ said...

They're lovely. What a sweet gift to give. It's so thoughtful, right down to why you picked the colors you picked. I'm sure she'll love them. Who wouldn't? They're adorable!

Alice said...

My grandmother would definitely love that shoe. She likes it comfortable and stylish. I bought her sneakers and she caused a fit. But she still uses it for the gym. HAHA! I love my granny.