Sunday, December 18, 2011

Such a Special Gift Set


These two little lovelies are special in so many ways. For one thing, they were made for my best friend. You know, the friend you have that knows all of your warts and short comings and loves you anyway? The one who you were able to be a roommate with and still loved when you moved on? The one who cheerleads the loudest for you, and is a soft place to fall when things aren't very happy? That friend asked me to make a pair of little shoes for her niece, Tiny Pants, and a little something to go with them.


Aren't they sweet? But, here's what makes them even more special...They were made from her mother's old formal dresses. Not a bad use for an old bridesmaid's dress, right? And the something extra is a sweet little skirt. Something girly and frilly and fun.


My friend is so excited to give them to Tiny Pants, and I must admit, I am just as excited...


I am hope that she will be thrilled in her girly little heart, and that her mother will love seeing something that she once wore being enjoyed in a whole new way by her daughter and that these items will be treasured for years and years...



Eve Stein said...

Those are BEAUTIFUL!!
That looks like just the thing for my niece. I will definitely look into making something similar for her to wear for a special occasion! Thanks for sharing! :D

Trish and Bonnie @ Uncommon said...

How sweet! So pretty and personal! Someone is going to feel like a little princess!

Shiloh said...

What a sweet personal idea! They are absolutely gorgeous!

Casey said...

Beautiful! You have talent!

Anonymous said...

Incredible! You are so talented. This little girl is going to think she's in 7th heaven :-) Where did you get the pattern for the shoes?

Paxton said...

They are gorgeous! I love that they were made from her bridesmaids dress! What a great idea to make something out of a dress that has so much meaning... but let's face it... might not get worn again.
Love this!